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With more than 30 years of experience to our name, Southern Sheet Piling Ltd is the company to call for bespoke sheet piling and soil anchor solutions. We believe in transparent communication from the outset and will always work closely with you to determine your exact requirements. In addition, we’re committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our cost-effective services. 

We’re a team that’s dedicated to putting our customers’ minds at ease. With a team of experienced piling operatives on hand, we can assist you in a range of capacities, from supplying retaining walls for outdoor structures to more hands-on support. Call 01202 125131 to learn more, Bournemouth customers. 

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Here at Southern Sheet Piling, we excel in the installation of soil nails, ground anchors, and other geotechnical engineering solutions. Soil anchors are a simple yet important component used every day in countless projects spanning multiple industries. 

Given the role that soil anchors play, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a company that uses high-quality, strong, durable soil anchors. That’s precisely what we use, and we never compromise on this stance to turn a quick profit on the side. 

So, you can derive complete peace of mind that we’ll deliver you the best possible solution, Bournemouth customers. 

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“While working on a job that needed specific works carried out, including sheet piling, we opted to call a name we were familiar with. Having worked with Southern Sheet Piling before, we knew what to expect. These guys are first-class and always take a ‘can-do’ attitude to everything they do.”

Colin Freeman

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What Do You Need Soil Anchors For? 

If you’re searching for a company that specialises in installing soil anchors, then Southern Sheet Piling Ltd can help. We provide a comprehensive geotechnical engineering service that encompasses a range of requirements, from soil nailing to ground anchor installation. With more than three decades of experience behind us, you can trust us to handle any job of any complexity. 

If you’ve never heard of soil anchors before, they are small components manufactured from steel that comprise a steel tendon (bar). They are grouted into a pre-drilled hole that’s usually drilled into rock or soil. Once the grout has cured, the tendon is pulled into tension against a plate or block. Once locked in place, they resist the movement of retaining structures. 

Soil anchors can be used for both temporary and permanent applications. For permanent applications, corrosive-resistant bars are used. If soil conditions permit, self-drilling hollow-bar soil nails can also be used. Again, if conditions permit, driven soil anchors can also be used. 

When you come to Southern Sheet Piling, we’ll provide you with a tailored design and build package or a stand-alone service – you choose. We can support you with a range of geotechnical applications, including soil nails and ground anchors. 

If you’re stabilising/ steepening an existing cutting to maximise development space or stabilising existing unstable/ over-steep environments, you’ll need soil anchors. They are also useful for remedial works on existing concrete and masonry retaining structures, ensuring long-term stability. 

In some cases, slope stability may be an issue, or there might exist ground retention issues. This often occurs during motorway and railway earthworks or other infrastructure widening schemes. Soil anchors are used to restore stability, preventing any retaining structures from collapsing. Soil anchors can even be used to re-profile and steepen existing sloping sites and are a cost-effective alternative to conventional retaining methods. 

All the soil anchors we use at Southern Sheet Piling Ltd are professionally designed and installed. Our Bournemouth team will walk you through the entire design process, including bond testing, to discern the soil interface’s capacity. For this part, we use sacrificial anchors to confirm/ verify any assumptions made, saving time and money during the build phase. 

Other Services We Provide  

In addition to providing ground anchors and other geotechnical engineering solutions, we at Southern Sheet Piling Ltd also carry other services, such as: 

You can learn more about these services by clicking on the respective pages on our website. Or, if you have any questions that need answering, just give our Bournemouth team a call.

Why Choose Southern Sheet Piling  

Southern Sheet Piling Ltd has been around for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve built a loyal client base with customers who’d happily recommend us to friends, family, and associates. We provide “out-of-the-box” solutions to customers in Bournemouth, ensuring that they get just what they need to get the job done. 

We’re a top-rated business that charges affordable prices and always has the right tools for the job. No matter how complex your request might be, trust that we can handle it – Richard and his team will do whatever it takes to deliver. 

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So, for the best soil anchors and sheet piling solutions, call Southern Sheet Piling Ltd today! We excel in delivering engineered solutions to construction customers in Bournemouth and across the South of England. Whatever your needs, we’ll design and build a package that’s entirely bespoke, from retaining walls for outdoor structures to soil anchors. 

To learn more about what we have to offer, give our team a call today on 01202 125131. If you’d like to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by either filling out our online contact form or emailing We’ll reply as soon as possible.