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Are you working on a project where riverbank protection is required? Then look no further than Southern Sheet Piling as we provide a service that’s intended for this very purpose. We bring more than 30 years of experience to the table, along with a “can-do” attitude and a commitment to sustainability and providing high-quality, cost-effective services. Whatever the extent of your requirements, we’ll provide a bespoke solution that’ll help you complete whatever works you’re carrying out.

Introducing Our Riverbank Protection Service

First, how do sheet piles help with riverbank protection? Sheet piles can be used in various ways to reinforce a riverbank, providing much-needed protection. They can be used to ensure water tightness, support, and stabilisation for new embankments. And they can be used to reinforce existing embankments and can also be used to act as a cut-off wall. Sheet piles can be used to mechanically reinforce the bank – they follow the potential displacement of soil without losing resistance.

Sheet piles can also be used to protect riverside buildings from subsidence by placing the piles outside the embankment, typically along the toe of the embankment. So, as you can tell just from this brief overview, sheet piling performs an important function in riverbank protection.

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“While working on a job that needed specific works carried out, including sheet piling, we opted to call a name we were familiar with. Having worked with Southern Sheet Piling before, we knew what to expect. These guys are first-class and always take a ‘can-do’ attitude to everything they do.”

Colin Freeman

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How Can We Help? 

At Southern Sheet Piling, we have more than three decades of experience designing and installing riverbank protection and flood defences using sheet piles.

We can even assist in situations involving work being carried out in intertidal, tidal, and land-based environments.

If you require such a service, we advise that you get in touch as soon as possible. By allowing for early contractor involvement with clients, contractors, and other respective authorities, feasibility assessments can be carried out. This lets us devise the best solution to be considered and possibly developed moving forward. We cover all the angles, from viability, programme, and risk to financial perspectives and health and safety.

Our team are all familiar with working in marine environments, especially jobs that take place over water or alongside adjacent bodies of water. They’ll be responsible for each stage, from designing to installing riverbank protection. Following a lengthy consultation and survey, they’ll determine the best course of action and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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We’ll work closely with you from the moment you involve us right up until the moment you no longer require our services. We’ve worked on many projects of this nature over the years, so you can trust Southern Sheet Piling to deliver the solutions you need. To get started, call our team today on 01202 896094.