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Are you looking to hire a company that specialises in installing soil anchors? Then look no further than Southern Sheet Piling as we provide a full range of geotechnical engineering services, from soil nailing to ground anchor installation. Whatever the size and scope of your requirements, you can trust us to deliver as we have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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Soil anchors are usually comprised of a steel tendon (bar) that is grouted into a pre-drilled hole. The hole is usually drilled into rock or soil. The process involves waiting for the grout to cure, at which point the tendon is pulled into tension against a block or plate. It is then locked into position where it resists the movement of a retaining structure. For permanent works, bars with full corrosive resistance are used. Self-drilling hollow-bar soil nails are also used where permitted by soil conditions. We also use driven soil anchors where conditions permit.

At Southern Sheet Piling, we offer a bespoke service as part of a complete package or stand-alone provision. This service is available for any specialist geotechnical application, including:

Standard applications for soil anchors include stabilising/ steepening existing cuttings to maximise development space, stabilising existing unstable/ over-steep environments, and providing remedial works for existing concrete and masonry retaining structures. This last example is done to ensure long-term stability.

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In certain situations, slope stability may be compromised, or there may be earth retention issues. This is especially true where infrastructure widening schemes are underway, such as motorway and railway earthworks. Soil anchoring provides a much-needed stability in these situations. In other instances, especially those where traditional retaining solutions might prove costly, soil anchors can be used to re-profile and steepen existing sloping sites.

To ensure the correct steps are taken, soil anchors should be professionally designed and installed, and that’s where we come in. We’ll take you through the entire design process, which includes bond testing to ascertain the soil interface’s capacity. For this part, we usually use sacrificial anchors that confirm/verify assumptions made during the design phase.

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If you require soil anchors for any work you’re undertaking, get in touch with Southern Sheet Piling today. We possess the expertise and knowledge to advise you in all aspects of soil anchoring. We’ll leverage our experience to design a bespoke solution that we’ll then install, check, and verify. All site works are supervised and executed by highly trained specialists in full compliance with health and safety.

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